system design

Vision system design 

Optical & Vsion system design


Determine Camera and light setup for optimal performance  

Performance & Reliability


Put performance and reliability requirements 

Vision SW


Define needed computer and machine vision algoritthms

Interface & Reporting


Specify Connectivity & interface

Robot and mechanics Control,


data bases

Cameras & sensors, robots, sensors, etc.. 

Based on out extensive experience in building machine vision solutions, we define realistic requirements for your machine vision system based on a feasibility study or study of your specific process environment, desired performance and budget constraints.


The produced specification document includes performance figures in terms of allowed false positivie and false negative rates. It also defines hardware such as computers, cameras , lenses, sensors, illumination and automation systems.


The specification document also defines cycle time and needed software components as well as reporting and user interface.


Core Competencies 

Our algorithm is capable of detecting arbitrary shaped defects and anomalies on varying and unstructured surfaces.

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